2016 Beauty Action Plan

Since late 2014 Korean and Asian beauty has been my little obsession. I have been having great success with the products and routine that I am currently using and for 2016 I want to continue to expand my skincare routine.

2016 Goals – cleanse face on a more regular basis. I am so lazy about washing my face. I usually do it sometime in the afternoon or evening and then do my evening routine. I want to find a cleanser that is easy to use in the morning and start washing, toning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen every day.

Speaking of Sunscreen – I really want to find a sunscreen that I will enjoy using every day. So far all of the sunscreens I have purchased have been ok, but not great – too much white caste and I have not found a cream with a nice fragrance yet. (I am going to be doing a review of the sunscreens I have used in the very near future.)

Emulsions, serums, facial oils – I have found the cleanser I like, the toner I like, and a wonderful moisturizer in addition to a number of great sleeping masks/packs. In 2016 I want to incorporate serums, emulsions, and facial oils into my routine. The dry winter weather has finally arrived and I am outside at least an hour a day. The wind is so drying, my skin is already starting to flake-up and get tight. I really want to find a nice facial oil to add into my COSRX 92 Snail cream to up the moisture.  I also want to find a nice brightening emulsion/serum to add into my routine.  2016 will be the year of addressing dryness and hyper-pigmentation.

Products that I plan to purchase :

RE:CIPE from Nature Slowganic Cleanser in Lemon – purchase from Bisou Beauty Bar

LeeJiHam –  White P-Zyme Enzyme Cleanser

Some Herbiflore sheet masks and Lovemore silk masks – review and are these problematic? wasteful? – order from Beautibi.com or chuusi.ca – Cherry Blossom or Black Pearl

Some illi product – hand and/or body cream and illi Total Aging Care Cleansing Oil (as recommened by Fiddy at Fifty Shades of Snails. See her excellent review here.)     Body lotion – Total Aging Care OR Fresh Moisture

Klairs – Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops vitamin serum from wishtrend.com

This mask at Wishtrend by Monstory looks soooo interesting  – I just don’t know if it would transport well.  Maybe the winter would be a good time to order it? Since it is cold and it might just freeze? Rice ferment extract is the first ingredient! I want it on my face! I wonder if it smells boozy?

I want a backup toner – Ciracle Base Toner pH 5.5

Eye cream – Zymogen Fermented Soy Eye Cream

Whamisa Cream from LaaLaa.ca – Organic Flowers Cream

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